Alhambra True Light Presbyterian Church (ATLPC) is a Bible-believing, evangelical congregation with a  membership of over 300 people. We are strongly committed to teaching Scripture as the authoritative  Word of God, to sharing the gospel with those in our immediate geographical area, and to sending and  supporting missionaries worldwide. We have three ministries in different languages: English, Cantonese,  and Mandarin. While a majority of our members are of Chinese descent, and roughly half speak a dialect  of Chinese as their primary language, the church nonetheless is committed to embracing people of all  cultures. Our church is multi-generational, with several examples of families which have three  generations actively participating in congregational life. Ministry to children and youth is a high priority;  there are many dedicated people serving as teachers, leaders, and counselors, a large number of whom  are graduates of our children and youth ministry. We have much to thank God for.
     We have one of the larger congregations in our presbytery by  membership. The proportion of people who not only attend worship but serve in some capacity is above  average. Our people across the board hunger for Biblical teaching, are eager to serve, and have shown  commitment to each other and to God in challenging times. We have adequate financial and physical  resources for the immediate future. We support outreach around the world, we interact with our  surrounding community in various ways, and we constantly ask, “What shall I give to the Lord for all He  has done for me?”



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