Sermon Series

Introduction to the Psalms

I am glad to return having been away for the past month studying the book of Psalms. In introducing this series, I will borrow from Tremper Longman’s introduction in his helpful book, How to Read the Psalms. He writes, “The Scriptures make it clear that, though God’s presence permeates the world, He chooses to dwell in a special way in certain places and to make His presence known at certain times … These special places of God’s presence are places of intimate and at times fearful encounter with the God of the universe. They are places which demand human response; they demand worshipful prayer. The Psalms are such a divine-human encounter and they find their actual setting within the formal worship of Israel.” I hope as we consider the Psalms together you will be encouraged and moved to respond to God in worship, prayer, and praise!


“King David Playing the Harp”
Gerard van Honthorst, 1622


The Greatest Book of Praise

Psalm 150


Doorway to Heaven

Psalm 1


O Worship the King,
Part A

Psalm 2


O Worship the King,
Part B

Psalm 2


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