Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


On this 2020 Election Day I thank God for your faith and your citizenship in heaven! When the Apostle Paul first used the word “citizenship” with the Philippians, the most coveted citizenship of their time was Roman, not American, of course. They could have hardly imagined a republic like our own today, but their Roman citizenship was prized beyond all other status that could be purchased, given, or inherited in the ancient world.


For the Apostle Paul, the transformational power of Christ is the reason why this heavenly citizenship means so much – a transformation of hearts and minds that begins when we believe and a physical transformation that will take place in the future through our Savior’s mighty power. I praise God that among us there is no debate, or decision to make, about Him!


The importance of today’s election is not minimized by a reminder of these things. We are citizens of heaven, but also called as Christians to be salt and light in this world (Matthew 5:13-16). If you have not done so already and are able, get out and vote! Let’s pray for, and seek after, honesty, humility, and charity in the United States of America. May the Lord Jesus, our Savior from heaven, give us wisdom and insight; grace and peace; humility and love. If you would like to know more about such an attitude and its relevance for this election and beyond, I have attached a couple of articles that are especially good.


Blessings in our Savior King, Jesus Christ,

Pastor Jack Davidson




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