ATLPC Zoom Fellowship

We topped off our Pentecost Sunday Worship with the first ever ATLPC Zoom Fellowship! What a blessing it was to see brothers and sisters from all three ministries — something we have not done since mid-March. We had about 84 people sign into Zoom and if you count the number of families – we had well over 100 people online!

It was wonderful to hear from Jackson (Sabrina, Jordan & Hudson) Kong; Chris Xi (Eva & Ivan) and Charlotte Xia. To hear how God has been working in their lives during this COVID season and how the Lord has provided for them and their family.

We also heard from each of our Pastors — Pastor Jack, Pastor Mary and Pastor Mark — as they gave words of encouragement to the Church family.



能聽到 Jackson (Sabrina, Jordan & Hudson) Kong 一家,Chris Xi (Eva & Ivan) 一家以及 Charlotte Xia 姊妹的分享真的很棒。我們知道神是如何在疫情期間也在他們的生活中動工,以及如何為他們和他們的家人供應所需。


If you missed this one – we hope to have more in the future!




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