Baptisms & New Members

我們有三位弟兄姐妹加入成爲【聖約夥伴】(這是我們新加入的宗派 ECO 取代【會員】的用語),Al Davis, 張文蓉,張黎敏受洗成爲我們教會的一員,另外有兩位年輕人Kelsey 和Morgan Lih在年幼時接受嬰兒洗禮,也以堅信禮加入教會。國語堂有四對父母六位幼童接受洗禮,在下列的鏈接,你可以從他們家庭照中認識這幾個家庭,也可以閲讀受洗的弟兄姐妹的見證。榮耀歸與主的名。

On Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 12:30 we gathered in the sanctuary to welcome five new covenant partners by profession of their faith in Jesus. The phrase “covenant partner” is used by our denomination, ECO, to describe those who commit themselves to membership in a particular church body. On Sunday Al, Camilla, and Leo were baptized. Kelsey and Morgan were previously baptized as children. Included are pictures of our five new covenant partners!

Also four families from ATLPC’s Mandarin ministry presented their children for baptism on Sunday. We’ve included pictures of these six covenant children with their families, too.

Our Trustees hosted a time of fellowship afterwards with delicious treats for everyone who came. All glory to God for such a great day, and keep all these brothers and sisters and children in your prayers!


to the ATLPC Family!


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