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September 20, 2020


English Sermon

“O Worship the King”
Psalm 2

Rev. Dr. Jack R. Davidson

9:00am Cantonese Sermon

Pastor Mark Shen

10:15am Mandarin Sermon

Pastor Jiaji Sun

Children’s Ministry

Junior Church
(grades 2-5)

Beginner Church
(3 yrs old – grade 1)

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade Sunday Lesson


Concrete and Cranes:
Virtual VBS 2.0!

Joy! Jesus, Our Strong Foundation!

With joy in our hearts do we praise and give thanks to our Magnificent God!  It is with His Mighty Hand that He brought:

  • 81 children to register for Concrete and Cranes Virtual VBS 2.0, in less than one week.
  • Spirit-gifted technology masters who created a virtual VBS, registered and organized, and administrated the Live Zoom sessions. They worked long into the night and early morning hours to wonderfully provide resources so all could continue to experience VBS at home.
  • Spirit-empowered classroom teachers and leaders who connected with each child through virtual breakout rooms guiding them in knowing God through His Word and as their Savior and Lord.
  • Spirit-inspired videographers and editors who told the Bible stories accurately and with such creativity.
  • Spirit-filled virtual craft leaders and snack idea leaders who brought the fun to VBS for every age level.
  • Faith-filled and faithful prayer warriors – the cranes lifting up VBS to God!


Thank you for petitioning our Great God. Continue to pray for the families that participated in VBS:

  • Continue to lift up the children in your prayers as they begin school.
  • Pray that God will provide wisdom as they grow in their faith and as they continue to build strong foundations for life in the love, forgiveness, worth and promises of Jesus.

See our additional resources on the VBS Wakelet:



With God, all things are possible! He showed us He had a blueprint plan to draw the children to Him even when we could not gather in person. What God starts, God completes! “I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion, until the day of Christ Jesus!” (theme verse from Philippians 1:6)


線上暑期聖經班 2.0!



  • 81個​​孩子在不到一周的時間內註冊了“建基與建造”-線上暑期聖經班 2.0!
  • 具有創造力的技術同工創建了線上VBS,進行了註冊和組織,並管理Live Zoom視訊通話。他們一直工作到深夜,以提供出色的資源,使所有人都可以在家中體驗VBS。
  • 滿有聖靈能力的課堂教師和領袖,通過線上教室與每一個孩子建立關係,引導他們通過他的話語認識神,成為他們的救主。
  • 聖靈啟發的攝像師和編輯同工們,準確而富有創意地講述聖經故事。
  • 聖靈引導非常有創意的帶領同工用綫上的手工和零食時間,為每個年齡層的VBS參與者帶來樂趣。
  • 充滿信心和忠實的禱告戰士-“起重機”將參與VBS的小朋友們仰望給上帝!



  • 在孩子們開始上學時,繼續用祈禱來托起他們;
  • 禱告神賜給他們智慧,讓他們的信心成長,讓他們繼續在耶穌的愛、寬恕、價值和應許中為生活建立穩固的根基。

請參見VBS Wakelet 上的其他資源:




與上帝同在,一切皆有可能!祂向我們展示了祂有一個藍圖計劃,即使我們不能親自見面,也要把孩子們帶到上帝面前。上帝開始,上帝完成! “我深信那在你們心裡動了善工的,必成全這工,直到耶穌基督的日子。!” (腓立比書1章6節的主題經文)

Registration Now Open!

Click Here to Register for Concrete and Cranes Virtual VBS

Watch a sneak peek of Concrete and Cranes VBS!

GEMS / Bethelites Fellowships Celebrate

On Friday, June 12, 2020, the GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior) Club and Bethelite Group finished up the year with a car parade. The girls had decorated their cars with scripture and signs based on the lessons we had covered during the year. It was wonderful to see them in person again, through the windows of their families’ cars, along with hand-crafted reminders of God’s truth, serpentining around the lower parking lot.

This picture of the counselors taken just as we had finished cleaning up reminds me of God’s amazing goodness. Each of us has very little margin in our lives, and yet God has invited us to use our gifts to mentor the 23 diverse 2nd-8th grade girls in our club. Sometimes it is a challenge. But what an honor. To God be the glory. Pray for us as we regroup over the summer and plan for fall in these uncertain times.

6月12日,GEMS(Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior)和Bethelite 以汽車巡遊結束了一年的课程。 根據我們一年中的課程,這些女孩用經文和標誌裝飾了自己家的汽車。 很高興能够通過车窗看到她們,以及手工製作的關於上帝真理的提醒,蜿蜒排列在教会停車場周圍。

就像我們完成清理工作時所拍攝的輔導員照片一樣,使我想起了上帝的奇妙善良。 我們每個人的生活都很忙碌,但是上帝邀請我們使用我們的恩赐來指導23位2-8年級当然女孩。即便有時這是一個挑戰,但這是多麼大的榮譽啊。願榮耀歸與神。當我們在這個不確定的時期重新集結並為秋天計劃時,為我們禱告。





Ms. Sabrina Lee, Director of Children's Ministry


Children’s Ministry Update


God is gracious and good to all who love him. During the time of lockdown and quarantine, God has kept all of his children safe and healthy. Parents are working hard to be creative in guiding and helping their children learn and grow at home.

The children and I have regular Zoom meetings on Sundays; Beginner Church in the mornings, and Junior Church in the afternoons. Things are very challenging in terms of facilitating the meetings in an engaging way. However, the Lord has humbled and helped me to improve my lessons every time, after each Zoom meeting.  I am very thankful for the opportunities that I am able to keep serving and growing the children through weekly videos as well. I am so blessed with the video clips and photo contributions provided to me by many families.

I am extremely thankful for many wonderful volunteers, namely: Lisa Wong, Lisa Barrios (GEMS coordinator), John Petteys (Stockade coordinator), Bobbie Eng, Kirk Hemans, Mark Wong, Tina Wong, Timothy Chung, Michelle Davidson, Elim Ly, Sandra Kwong, Art Lee, and the many young helpers from both Beginner Church and Junior Church who have supported me in many different ways, ranging from storytelling to reading scripts of the Lord’s Prayer lessons. Tina Wong even gave simple science lessons to Junior Church kids in a video which made the video even more educational and fun during Sundays. My husband, Art Lee has created drawing videos to provide entertainment and enrichment to children during these Sunday sessions. Praise the Lord for every single volunteer, because without their help and support the Children’s Ministry would not have stayed strong and become as enriching as it is now.

Additionally, I am very grateful for Ms. Lei Lei who is teaching kids the Chinese every Saturday morning. Children are having a great time learning language on Zoom. Lastly, I am very excited to be able to teach art lessons for kids every Thursday on Zoom.  I am praying that all these online enrichment classes will be used by the Lord to reach out to new families as well as to reconnect our own church families.


我和孩子們在周日定期舉行Zoom會議;早上是Beginner Church,下午是Junior Church。就以引人入勝的方式促進會議而言,事情具有很大的挑戰性。然而每次Zoom會議結束後,神都使我謙卑並幫助我提高課程質量。我也非常感謝我有機會通過每週的視頻繼續服侍孩子們並使其成長。我感到非常幸運因為有許多家庭都提供給我視頻片段和照片。

我非常感謝許多出色的志願者,包括:Lisa Wong,Lisa Barrios(GEMS 負責人),John Petteys(Stockade 負責人),Bobbie Eng, Kirk Hemans, Mark Wong, Tina Wong, Timothy Chung, Michelle Davidson, Elim Ly, Sandra Kwong, Art Lee,以及來自 Beginner Church 和 Junior Church 的許多年輕義工,以各種不同的方式支持我,從講故事到閱讀主禱文等。 Tina Wong 甚至通過視頻向 Beginner Church 的孩子們提供了簡單的科學課程,使視頻在星期天變得更具教育性和趣味性。我的丈夫李·阿特(Art Lee)製作了繪畫錄像帶,在這些星期日的課上為孩子們提供豐富的娛樂。為每位義工讚美主,因為如果沒有他們的幫助和支持,兒童部將無法保持強大,變得像現在一樣充實。

另外,我也非常感謝蕾蕾姊妹,她每週六早上都在教孩子們中文。孩子們在 Zoom 上玩得很開心。最後,我很高興能夠在每個星期四的 Zoom 上為孩子們教授美術課。我祈禱所有這些在線豐富課程都將被主用來與新家庭接觸,並重新建立我們自己的教會家庭。




Ms. Sabrina Lee
Director of Children’s Ministry



CK’s [Christian Knights]


Jr. High Boys fellowship, Grades 6-8
conducted in English

Meets most Fridays, 7:30pm
Social Hall (Basement)
Contact: Dennis Hemans

英文, 6-8年級

幾乎每週五, 晚上7:30
聯繫人: Dennis Hemans