GEMS / Bethelites Fellowships Celebrate

On Friday, June 12, 2020, the GEMS (Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior) Club and Bethelite Group finished up the year with a car parade. The girls had decorated their cars with scripture and signs based on the lessons we had covered during the year. It was wonderful to see them in person again, through the windows of their families’ cars, along with hand-crafted reminders of God’s truth, serpentining around the lower parking lot.

This picture of the counselors taken just as we had finished cleaning up reminds me of God’s amazing goodness. Each of us has very little margin in our lives, and yet God has invited us to use our gifts to mentor the 23 diverse 2nd-8th grade girls in our club. Sometimes it is a challenge. But what an honor. To God be the glory. Pray for us as we regroup over the summer and plan for fall in these uncertain times.

6月12日,GEMS(Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior)和Bethelite 以汽車巡遊結束了一年的课程。 根據我們一年中的課程,這些女孩用經文和標誌裝飾了自己家的汽車。 很高興能够通過车窗看到她們,以及手工製作的關於上帝真理的提醒,蜿蜒排列在教会停車場周圍。

就像我們完成清理工作時所拍攝的輔導員照片一樣,使我想起了上帝的奇妙善良。 我們每個人的生活都很忙碌,但是上帝邀請我們使用我們的恩赐來指導23位2-8年級当然女孩。即便有時這是一個挑戰,但這是多麼大的榮譽啊。願榮耀歸與神。當我們在這個不確定的時期重新集結並為秋天計劃時,為我們禱告。






Care Delivered

A grateful recipient shares photos of her grocery care package.


High School Fellowship

Teens for Christ

Praise God for what the 30-Hour Famine accomplished

We pray that He will multiply these small acts of faithfulness to do greater things. TFC shares our sincerest THANK YOUS to everyone who supported our first ever Virtual 30-Hour Famine! With your help, we completed our fundraiser and raised $1,100 through World Vision to fight hunger around the world. We were also able to help several families in our own church community with trunk loads of grocery care packages.


“Enough for All”: Enough food, enough respect, enough love. A world with enough for all may seem impossible to us, but nothing is impossible for God. TFC took part in a Virtual 30-Hour Famine on May 22-23, 2020 to fight hunger in our community and around the world. From fundraising through World Vision, to delivering grocery care packages to families in need within our community, we trust God to do big things with our smallest acts of faith. We believe He is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.

“夠我們用的”:足夠的食物,足夠的尊重,足夠的愛。對於我們來說,一個人人都有足夠供應的世界似乎是不可能的,但是對我們的神而言,沒有什麼事不可能的。 TFC於2020年5月22日至23日參加了線上的飢餓30小時活動,以消除我們社區和世界各地的飢餓。從通過World Vision募款,到為社區中有需要的家庭提供食品等,我們相信神會通過我們小小的信心行為完成祂的偉大計劃。我們相信神的大能超過我們所求所想。

~ Wesley





High School Fellowship

Teens for Christ


我們禱告求神使這些小小的信心行為倍增,以做更大的事情。 TFC向所有支持我們第一次線上飢餓30小時的所有人致以最誠摯的感謝!在您的幫助下我們完成了募款活動,並通過World Vision募集了1,100美元,以抗擊全球飢餓。





Cantonese Ministry Update




【腓4:7】『神所賜、出人意外的平安必在基督耶穌裡保守你們的心懷意念。 』

More Ministries

The Cantonese ministry continues to experience God’s guarding and protection during the pandemic, even though we have been unable to physically fellowship together. We have been connecting through online worship, Bible studies, prayer, and fellowship group meetings, where most activities have restarted. It is very encouraging to see some of our senior members and friends who are able to join us in the online worship. We are thankful for many who have helped out to make this possible. To overcome challenges itself is a blessing! God is good in these circumstances!



Phil 4:7】And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus

Update: Mandarin Ministry





The Mandarin Ministry continues to encourage one another & meet together online. Every morning, Pastor Mary Ren sends a devotional via WeChat, where a group of over 100 group members stay connected.
Monday night Mandarin worship remains strong as they fellowship together over worship & sermon messages just as they did before social distancing.


週五青年團契:分享生活樂趣及一起面對各種挑戰, 在靈裡一起成長,彼此分享和代禱。


Mandarin Young/Adult Fellowship

The Friday Night Young/Adult Fellowship logs in via Zoom to  share life’s joys and challenges. They are growing together spiritually by sharing and praying with each other, and in Bible study.




Medical Workers Fellowship

On Saturday nights, the Medical Workers Fellowship is a newly established group in response to COVID-19. They are there to pray with brothers and sisters, and to encourage and support each other during this time.




Mandarin Sisters Fellowship

The Sisters Fellowship meets online on Saturday mornings where they study the Bible and pray about sharing God’s word, about each other’s families, and about work and life. They find encouragement, and feel supported by one another.

To join one of these groups or for more information, contact the church office.



Update: HIS Group College Fellowship & English Sunday School-Adult EducatioN


So grateful to God! The first week of the Safer at Home Order left me at a total loss, wondering what would happen if our church family couldn’t meet? One week led to two and now five weeks later we see how God provides and reassures us He has His eye on us. He always does and in ways we would not have ever imagined! And I am so thankful to Him!

感謝神! “更安全的家庭秩序”的第一周雖然讓我不知所措,想知道如果我們的教會弟兄姊妹不見面會怎樣?然而一周、兩周,到現在五周後,我們看到了上帝如何供應和使我們安心,祂親自照看我們。祂總是以我們從未想過的方式成就!我非常感謝神!



Trusting God,




~ Lillian



Sunday School-Adult Education classes have been meeting faithfully, committed to study God’s Word together. We continue to do so and invite any who wish to join us each Sunday at 10:00am. God has shown that, not only does He have authority over everything (even the Internet), He continues to speak to us through His Word even on Zoom!



HIS College Group “fellowships ” together by Zoom each Friday. Whether it is watching Pastor Jack preach on Good Friday or taking advantage of the many faith building resources available online, we aim to keep our faith growing. All college aged students are welcome to Zoom with us Fridays at 7:30pm.


“祂的”大學生團契小組每個星期五通過“ Zoom”組織聚會。無論是在受難日觀看戴惟信牧師的的講道,還是利用網絡上的的許多信仰培養資源,我們的目標是保持我們信仰的成長。歡迎所有大學生門在星期五晚上7:30與我們一起”Zoom”。

Contact the church office if you would like more information.